Equipment production


Own production

By self-production of for example Christmas tree net-, cleaning- and milling-machinery we secure best quality “Made in Germany” for moderate prices.

Products like netware, birdsticks, tree posts and banners are exclusively produced by our own brand DIWA.

All products produced personally by us, as well all DIWA products insure to contain our broad experience and our expertise in their continuous development and improvement.

Spare parts & Service

Due to our self-production we are able to provide all spare parts for our machinery and devices.

Our service goes from the overhauling of mill heads, the availability of various forms of cutting knives, the maintenance and repair of used sharpening machines, the renewal of torn out loops of banners to the patching service or substitute ventilation for infl atable Santa Clauses.

Warehouse & distribution

Through generous storage possibilities in our various locations, we are able to ship devices, nets and spare parts even until shortly before Christmas. Orders received by 11:00 a.m. are shipped the same day by a parcel service or high-performance dispatcher.