Christmas tree production

Quality and quantity management

The combination of own production, contract production and additional purchase enables us to react in a fl exible way according to the requirements given by the market.
Thus quality and quantity management always is of great importance for us.


According to our guidelines hundreds of thousands of trees are harvested, netted and palletized on countless plantations.

To master this challenge workers, labor and material has to be coordinated so that as little time as possible is lost for the transport of net and palliating machinery between the plantations. During the very short days of late fall we additionally have problems due to steady rainfalls, frost or snow.


good quality

The permanent quality control of all production sites is one of our most important tasks.Our customers are entitled to a consistent quality standard: No matter if the tree is from southern Germany or Denmark.


Loading and transport

Due to the fact that loading of palletized Christmas trees normally is done directly on a plantation site, trucks and producers, as well as chargers have to be coordinated so that they meet on the agreed date without waiting times. This is not always an easy job, because many plantations are often located in remote areas and can only be reached over dirt roads.

Due to economic and environmental reasons as many trees as possible are delivered directly from a plantation to the point of sale.



Did you know that ...

... to produce a Nordmann Fir with an approximate height of 2 meters, a tree has to have been growing in a plantation for 8 to 9 years.

New and replacement planting, fence construction, weed control, growth correction, topiary, fertilization, labeling and harvesting - to only name the most important tasks that have to be fulfi lled - make Christmas tree production a year-round business.