... then is Christmas :)

Particularly important
is us NATURE

Oxygen Producer

During a growing period of ten years one acre of Christmas tree culture binds up to 145 tons of CO2 and at the same time produces 105 tons of oxygen.

Habitat for Birds and small animals

Many animal species require an environment with plants having a half-height growth. This type of environment cannot be found on acres, meadows or forests. That is why many species can be found in Christmas tree plantations today. An investigation in the region of Sauerland, Germany for example has discovered that 80% of the Woodlark population had its nesting area in Christmas tree plantations.

Controlled Cultivation

In Germany the Christmas tree production is carried out on agricultural areas. Production is subject to strict federal laws for agriculture and forestry. Producers are controlled by the offi cials on a regular basis.

Experience and expertise since 1950

1950 hat Willi Schauer mit dem Weihnachtsbaumgeschäft begonnen.

In 1950 Willi Schauer started his Christmas tree business. At that time he only sold a few hundred fir trees. He had bought them for 50 German Pfennig from the Duke of Pappenheim and then sold them with a 100% profi t margin, for round about one German Mark. At that time this was a very good deal, even though he had to chop, load and sell the trees all by himself..

Today the Schauer Company is one of the leading marketers of Christmas trees in Europe. In addition to Christmas tree plants, production aids and sales equipment specialized on Christmas trees, seedlings are also offered.


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